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Hobart Convict Penitentiary

About Hobart Convict Penitentiary

Discover the mysterious history of this internationally renowned convict site, nestled in Hobart’s bustling city centre!

Penitentiary Chapel Historic Site was built by Colonial Architect John Lee Archer between 1830 and 1834 as part of a sprawling complex that served to process 42,000 male convicts sent to Van Diemen’s Land. Within its design were thirty-six solitary confinement cells placed beneath the chapel floor.

Ten years later, with transportation ceasing, it became known as the Hobart Gaol; two wings repurposed for use as Supreme Court connected via ominous subterranean tunnels below.

Today access is strictly controlled – explore these fascinating secrets hidden within one of Australia’s most historically important locations!

Hobart convict history

What to do at Hobart Convict Penitentiary

Returning in time, exploring the hauntingly beautiful historic site of Hobart’s former convict penitentiary, The Tench. Featuring an imposing stone wall surrounding its two-acre block, it was designed to serve as an abode for over 50,000 male convicts who had been subjected to transportation from Britain during the early 1830s – many of whom did not return home again. By 1857 however, with the cessation of transportations concluded, this notorious jail underwent renovations into what is now known as Hobart’s Old Gaol & Supreme Court buildings – preserved today both as monuments and reminders of Tasmania’s past history within Australia.

Explore Tasmania’s convict past with a visit to the National Trust Brickendon Estate! Tour seven days a week, choosing from guided tours or pre-arranged group bookings. Take in the chapel, solitary cells and underground tunnels – before ending at the historically notorious gallows where nine convicts were forcefully sent away. For an even more immersive experience, go for one of our special evening activities, such as the Chapel Ghost Tour, The Hobart Gallows Walk and Pandemonium – The Convict Film Experience, plus many other options available during your time here at this unique site.

Hobart convict penitentiary

One local company in Hobart that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Demolition Hobart Solutions

Address: 21-23 Chesterman St, Moonah TAS 7009

Telephone: (03) 6144 4052