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Lark Distillery

About Lark Distillery

For over 25 years, Lark Distillery has crafted the highest quality spirits in Australia with a passion that honours its Tasmania roots. With access to peerless natural ingredients like pure water and highland peat bogs as well as an ideal climate for distilling, founder Bill Lark established his namesake boutique distillery back in 1992 – marking the end of 150 years without any whisky or spirit production on the island! Since then, guests have had unprecedented opportunities to sample world-class single malt whiskies, aromatic liqueurs & gins charged with Tasmanian botanicals. Embodying both science and emotions into every sip; experience why it’s no wonder why Australians are so proud to call this their own heritage brand!

Handcrafted with the spirit of Tasmania’s pioneering makers, Lark Distillery brings its unique Single Malt Whiskies to life through a process that captures the essence and beauty of Coal River Valley. Each bottle is masterfully double-distilled in local copper pot stills and then delicately aged in small casks before being bottled and labelled by hand. Experience Tasmanian craftsmanship — one sip at a time!

Lark distillery

What to do at Lark Distillery

Sample award-winning whiskies from one of the most renowned distilleries in Australia – Lark Distillery. Located on Hobart’s heritage waterfront, come experience up close and personal a behind-the-scenes tour showcasing time-honoured processes used to craft single malt whisky for 3 hours or take your exploration further with an all-day premium option featuring hands-on whiskey production. Tours culminate with tastings, and exclusive sneak peeks into upcoming releases at this easily accessible hotspot by public bus just off Franklin Wharf & Elizabeth Street Pier!

Visiting Lark Distillery is an absolute must for any whiskey connoisseur. Not only does the distillery provide a unique and memorable tasting experience, but its knowledgeable service staff are sure to make it even more special. Their selection of whiskeys has been some of the finest you’ve ever tried – a refreshingly smooth yet complex flavour that has left you wanting more!

Lark distillers

One local company in Hobart that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Demolition Hobart Solutions

Address: 21-23 Chesterman St, Moonah TAS 7009

Telephone:  (03) 6144 4052